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hhs expected school-wide learning results (eslrs)

The Hayward High community will develop students and graduates to be:

Focused learners
Analytical thinkers
Responsible and respectful citizens
Mindful collaborators
Effective communicators
Resourceful users of technology
Self-advocating individuals

Justin Redemer

Join Mr. Redemer on Zoom from 2-3pm every weekday starting Monday, 3/22 to go over material and answer any questions on the assignments.

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Meeting ID: 837 893 886
Password: 090467 

Redemer Courses

In regards to the current modified learning environment:

Periods 1, 2, 5: English 12 ERWC students, read the rest of Gorgias, by Plato. If you have internet access, you can read it over the link below. If you do not have internet access, a hard copy will be available during Hayward High Food Distribution Time. 

Essay Prompt

Summarize the arguments made by Gorgias, Polus and Callicles and Socrates responses to them. Cite directly from the text and demonstrate knowledge and proficiency of the arguments. Explain Socrates final speech. What does he suggest one spends their life doing? Finally, review the lives of current political/economic/social leaders and answer the question: Do they live according to Socrates counsel or according to Callicles?

(Standard Formatting) (between 7 and 10 citations, include Works Cited page)

Essay will be due when we return to school.

If you have questions on the readings or the assignment, email Mr. Redemer at

Gorgias by Plato:


English 10 Sheltered: In Pearson Textbook begin reading Antigone by Sophocles. 

Answer Questions on the sides of the page (per usual) using our 4 step format:

1. Write question in your own words.

2. Find the quote that answers it.

3. Write it down.

4. Explain how it answers the question.

Read Prologue through end of Act 2. Do all questions on sides and at end.


If you have questions on the readings or the assignment, email Mr. Redemer at



English 10 P: Finish reading Oedipus at Colonus, by Sophocles.

Previously Assigned Essay is due when we return from break.


In Pearson Textbook begin reading Antigone by Sophocles to the end of Act 2.

Answer Questions on the sides of the page.

Write down similarities to previously read Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Colonus.


If you have questions on the readings or the assignment, email Mr. Redemer at




teaching schedule: normal days
Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
Period 1     8:15-9:13  English 10 P
Period 2     9:20-10:18  English 10 P
Period 3     10:40-11:45  CSU ERWC Eng 12 P
Period 4     11:52-12:50  CSU ERWC Eng 12 P
Lunch         12:50-1:20  Lunch
Period 5     1:27-2:25  No class
Period 6     2:32-3:30  No class


teaching schedule: block days
Wednesday Thursday    
Period 1   8:15-10:00  English 10 P Period 2   8:15-10:00  English 10 P
Period 3 10:22-12:14  English 12P Expo R/W  Period 4  
10:22 12:14
English 12P Expo R/W
Lunch     12:14-12:44  Lunch Lunch     12:14-12:44  Lunch
Period 5   12:51-2:36  No Class Period 6
 No Class



Justin Redemer
English Teacher and Head Varsity Football Coach
Room C-5 
Ext. 61227
(510) 723-3170

The best way to get in contact with me is e-mail.

Office Hours During Facilities Closure:
Monday through Friday:
2:00 PM - 3:00 pm



At HHS, I'm the: Head Varsity Football Coach, English Department Chair, English Teacher

At HHS since: 2011

Teaching since: 2004

Undergraduate College(s):  Wake Forest University          

Degree(s):Bachelor of Arts


Graduate College(s):St. Mary’s College of California

Degree(s):Single Subject English Credential

Subjects Taught:English 9-12, ELD 2/3, Reading Intervention, Football

Previous schools where I taught:Liberty High School

Born:Sacramento, CA

I grew up in:Westlake Viillage, CA

I attended high school at: Ridgefield High School

City and State: Ridgefield, CT

Hobbies include:Reading, Working Out, Being with Family

Favorite thing about HHS:The students.

Favorite Quote:“Consummatum Est.”