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Farmers Health Clinic
Posted 9/20/22

The Farmers Health Center provides students with the quality medical health care they need to succeed in school and become productive members of their community.


Some of the services & programs include...

First Aid care    |   Sports Physicals  |  Specialty referrals  |  Diagnoses & Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries


FREE & CONFIDENTIAL Reproductive Health Services:

Pregnancy Testing   |   Birth Control Options   |   Plan B   |   STI Testing & Treatment


Health Education   |   Mentoring on Healthy Living & Relationships   |   Reproductive Health Counseling

  • To make an appointment, call (510) 690-6048 (call or text)
  • All students are encouraged to sign up and become TVHC patients
  • FREE health education services and programs are available at Hayward High School