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Chabot Concurrent Enrollment

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Chabot Admissions
Chabot Admissions


May 20 is the last day Seniors must have completed a "make-up" class for graduation, including Cyber High, BYU Independent Studies or Chabot courses.

Chabot College

Students who take community college courses have the option to add those courses to their HUSD transcript.  Procedures vary for the 3 types of Chabot courses:

1) Articulated Courses (e.g. Entrepreneurship, Sports Medicine). 
For students who earn an A or B grade, HHS counselors will provide the student with a copy of this transcript and a Chabot Transcript to HUSD Transcript form to complete if they'd like this grade to be put on their HUSD transcript.

2) Chabot Classes @ HHS after school (Middle College/Bridge to College)
For students who earn any grade in this course, HHS counselors will provide the student with a copy of this transcript and a Chabot Transcript to HUSD Transcript form to complete if they'd like this grade to be put on their HUSD transcript.

3) Chabot Classes @ Chabot: Students will have to request an OFFICIAL transcript from Chabot and provide this to the HHS Registrar if they'd like this class to be entered on their HHS transcript.

Chabot College provides opportunities for high school students to enroll in college-level, degree-applicable courses for advanced scholastic or advanced vocational purposes. Students who desire to participate in concurrent enrollment must be recommended by their counselor and have written parental permission. Concurrently enrolled students will be permitted to enroll in no more than six units per semester or two classes. The students will be treated as regular college students and are expected to comply with all college rules and regulations. 

YEP Bridge to College

fall 2022 Bridge to College Dual enrollment chabot Class @ HHS

HHS Students of all grade levels can take this Fall's YEP Chabot Bridge to college course in person at HHS! 

ANTH1 Anthropology 1

Biological/Physical Anthropology

Description:  Humans as a biological species through the examination of fossil evidence for human evolution, behavior of nonhuman primates, and human evolutionary biology and genetics. Emphasis on uniquely human biological and behavioral characteristics, as well as those shared with other animals. Current anthropological issues such as the biological meaning of race, genetic diseases, and the influence of evolution on human behavior. 
This course is CSU and UC transferable.   3 Chabot units (10 HUSD units)

All courses are two days a week.
Days and Time:
Tuesdays    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (tbc)
Thursdays  3:05-5:05 (tbc) 

Classes begin September 5, 2022 and end December 8 (tbc), 2022.
Deadline to pre-register:  August 19, 2022

This course will be conducted in person at HHS (room tbd).

Earn college credits! 
Course and books are free of cost! 

To participate, students must:

  • Be enrolled in 9th through 12th grade at the time of enrollment

  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination (since it's a Chabot class and professor)

  • Complete the YEP and Chabot College online application process HERE

Chabot Concurrent Enrollment (Summer & fall 2022)

How HHS 10th, 11th, and 12th graders can take Chabot courses (in person and online) this Summer and Fall 2022. 

Deadline to Apply for Summer 2022
Extended to Friday, May 20, 2022

Deadline to Apply for Fall 2022
July 29, 2022

Visit your
HHS Counselor during their drop-in office hours (beforeschool, nutrition, lunch, afterschool) to:

A. Discuss with your counselor which course(s) you might take.
View Chabot HUSD Course Equivalencies to see which Chabot classes can also count for HUSD subject areas.
View Chabot IGETC courses to see which classes can count for transferable credit to CSU/UC (start with the first link at top left)

Suggestion! Take a YEP Bridge to College Class just for HUSD students (see bottom of this page for separate enrollment instructions).

View Chabot Course Catalog to learn more about each course.  
1 Chabot credit = 3.3 HUSD credits
3 Chabot credits = 10 HUSD credits (equivalent to year-long HUSD course)
5 Chabot credits = 16.5 HUSD credits

B. View the schedule of Chabot courses to see when and how the courses you want are offered.  
Note: Thursday classes are indicated with the letter "R".  Also, if the time says "TBA," the course is asynchronous (no class time, you do the course on your own time).

Complete the Chabot application

"Create an Account" if you've never taken a Chabot class before.  If you have, click "Sign In" and use your Chabot "W" number (it stays with you for life).

After applying, you will receive an email about 24-48 hours later with your Chabot "W" number (your Chabot student ID number) and your "Application Confirmation Number."  Once you get both numbers via this email, proceed to Phase III.  If you don't get this email within 3 days, email

Need help? Please contact Chavonna Perkins from the HHS College & Career Center during her drop-in office hours listed on her webpage.

PHASE III  Only if you're requesting English or Math.

Students wishing to take English or Math need to follow "guided self-placement" recommendations.  Complete the Chabot ENGLISH Informed Course Selection AND the Chabot MATH Guided Self-Placement (you'll need your Chabot "W number" and PIN (6 digit birthdate).  You do not need to achieve a certain score to take an English or Math course but it is required you complete these if you are requesting English or Math before you move on to Phase IV.


Complete the online Recommendation for Concurrent Enrollment Form.
Important!  Put your counselor's name and email where it says, "Your School Principal / Designee Name and Email."  Do not put our Principal's info there!   When asked for your email, use your personal email. 

Where the Concurrent Enrollment form asks for your "Chabot Student ID," put your Chabot "W" number.  Get the "Application Confirmation Number" from the confirmation email you received from Phase II above.  view example   

Parent Approval:  You will be asked to enter your parent's email.  This is because, once you submit this form, your parent will automatically receive an email asking and showing them how to approve your enrollment as a minor.  Be sure to tell them to look for this email and follow the approval steps!

Counselor Approval: Once your parent submits their approval, your counselor will automatically get an email asking for their approval and for them to upload your transcript.

Choose your class(es) 
if there's space:

A. Chabot will let you know when you can request your specific class(es) then email you when you will be allowed to log in to Class-Web with your W# and your pin (your 6 digit birthdate for the first time- then the system will prompt you to change your pin to a new 6 digit number).  
B. Under “Student Services”, click on “Add/Drop” classes and “Search for classes”
C. Look up the course(s) you were approved to take and click on the box next to the time/days you want.
D. Select “Submit changes”
E. Check with your instructor as to the deadline to drop the course without it being on your transcript should you later choose the class is not right for you. 

Note: While tuition is waived for high school students, there is a mandatory fee of $18 (summer) or $21 (Fall) health services fee that must be paid later.  Chabot will tell you when and how you can make this payment within your Class-Web account at a later point.  You will be able to pay online with a credit card or mail a check.

Chabot College

Who to Contact

HHS Counselors

Paul Gonsalves
HHS Chabot Concurrent Enrollment Liaison

Khadijah Abdullhaqq
HHS YEP Coordinator
Chabot Concurrent Enrollment @ HHS
Room F-8

(510) 723-3170 Ext. 61261
(510) 935-1107 cell

Michael Lai
Concurrent Enrollment Specialist
25555 Hesperian Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 723-6779

Chabot Admissions Help
Click on "Chat Now" button

How much does it cost?

High school students are not charged the units cost for Chabot courses.  However, high school students must pay the mandatory $3 mailing fee and $14 health fee ($17 total) plus any required books and/or materials.

Undocumented/AB540 students are not eligible for free tuition since they have not yet graduated high school (a pre-requisite of AB540) but they may apply for Reclassification from NonResident Tuition Status Form so they don't have to pay for the concurrent enrollment class.

Wanna save $ on books?  Try buying a used book at the Chabot bookstore or on Amazon.  Also, check out Staples Book Rental.

High School Students can take College Classes now!
116 California Community Colleges

Did you know that, as a California resident, you can take free courses at ANY of the 116 California Community Colleges?  Besides Chabot, you also have Laney College (Oakland), Ohlone College (Fremont), Las Positas (Livermore) as nearby options.  However, with many online courses available at all community colleges, you can take an online course at any community college in California.