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Alternative Education

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HUSD offers three main alternative education programs:  

Students who are credit deficient or otherwise unable to attend their "home school" (HHS) must make an appointment to see their Counselor to discuss the appropriate alternative educational setting.  The student's parent/guardian must also be present at this meeting.  Please note that, because these programs are very small, there are usually wait lists.  Prospective students must continue to attend their home school until a space opens up, if at all.

All alternative options require the same subject requirements but the number of elective and overall credits vary.

Comparison of Alternative Education

Adult School


Brenkwitz Continuation School

How many credits are required to graduate from Brenkwitz: 
190 credits plus these subjects
Which HHS courses transfer to Brenkwitz?  All courses
Title of High School Diploma:  Brenkwitz High School
Age required to enroll:  16+ at time of enrollment

More Information:  Students attend class five days a week, from 8:30 A.M.- 12:40 P.M.   Students must be 16 to attend Brenkwitz.  Students enrolled at Brenkwitz earn variable credits and can earn up to 30 credits per quarter.  Courses at Brenkwitz are not A-G college prep.  Cyber High classes are being offered at Brenkwitz. 
Brenkwitz High School offers the opportunity to join the Brenkwitz track team.

Independent Studies

Independent Studies
Which HHS courses to transfer to Independent Studies? n/a (please see "More Information" below)
Title of High School Diploma: Hayward High School or Hayward Adult High School
Age required to enroll:  Grades 9-12

More Information: Independent Studies is a program, not a school.  Students may earn 220 credits to graduate from Hayward High or may go on to adult school to graduate with 180 credits.   Those in the program may participate in their home high school activities and may elect to return to Hayward High at any time.  Students meet individually with a teacher twice a week in order to earn variable credits.  Independent Studies courses are not A-G college prep.  Cyber High classes are being offered at IDS.  Students enrolled in Independent Studies sometimes choose to return to their home schools to complete their studies and must do so with the approval of the principal. 
Independent Study Frequently Asked Questions


California High School Proficiency Examination

What is required:  Register for test and pay $130-180
Title of Outcome/Award:  Certificate of Proficiency equivalent to HS diploma.
Age required to enroll:  16 and over and completed at least 10th grade
More Information:

There are about 60 test centers in CA.   Test offered 3 times/year on Saturdays.

October 20, 2019, March 16, 2019 and June 15, 2019


General Education Development tests

What is required:  Register for test and pay $35
Title of Outcome/Award:  California High School Equivalency Certificate
Age required to enroll:  18 (exceptions for 17 year olds)
More Information:

Test covers 5 subjects- Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.

There are over 300 test centers in CA. 

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HHS Counselors


Adult School
22100 Princeton St. Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 293-8595

Brenkwitz Continuation School 
22100(A) Princeton St. Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 723-3160  
fax: (510) 582-6376

HUSD Independent Studies  
22100 Princeton St.
Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 723-3160  


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