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Need College Help on the Computer?

Every Thursday from 12:45-4:00, visit the library to receive computer assistance for any college stuff (SAT/ACT registration/score reporting, college portals, college apps, FAFSA/Dream App, financial aid packages, etc.) from our EAOP/DCAC College Advisor Diego Gavino.

Hayward High School's counselors are readily available to assist students, parents, guardians and staff with...

Students are warmly invited to see their counselor during non-class time (not during class time, please).  Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to make counselor appointments by contacting the counselor or Counseling Assistant Karimah Clark.  Email usually works best, if possible.


Counselor Assignments
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Last Name


A - E

    Molly Garahan  Ext. 61121

F - G               Paul Gonsalves   Ext. 61142

H - L

             Moises Olmos    Ext. 61123

M - R

             Kimmberly Ware  Ext. 61251

       S - Z

             Nancy Sanchez  Ext. 61122



        Paul Gonsalves  Ext. 61142

Biomedical Science Pathway and Engineering Pathway
Iliana Mota              
ELL **

                 Moises Olmos
     Ext.  61123


                 Nancy Sanchez
  Ext. 61122


Diego Gaviño
Mr. Gaviño is at HHS Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. His office is located in C-X.  Ext. 61262
 Karimah Clark  Ext. 61125
Restorative Justice Counselor  Zyeala Allen-Marshall
 Ms. Marshall is at HHS Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm in Room A-3.   Ext 61204
Restorative Justice District Coordinator   NaTisha Hutson
 Restorative Justice Request Form


 Joscelyn Wilson
Ms. Wilson is at HHS Monday-Friday.  Her office is located inside the library.  Ext. 61224
 Psych Intern  Matt Ikei
 Mr. Ikei is at HHS Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Psychologist office in library.   Ext. 61224

College & Career Advisor


   Ext. 61262

 School   Therapists

 Sabrina Vella
Ms. Vella is at HHS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday in Room K-10.

Cristina Adadilla

Ms. Abadilla is at HHS Monday-Friday in Room K-10 and F-9.
 Ext. 61267

Ext: 61428

 Student   Success   Coach

Thomas Nishi

Mr. Nishi is at HHS Monday-Friday. HIs office is located inside the Library 

Ext: 61145

 Tiburcio   Vazquez   Wellness   Center

 Daniela Marquez, Health Educator, is at HHS Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-  Ext. 61512
 TRiO ETS   Outreach   Specialists   Farin Young                510-723-7676
 Intern   Counselor   for   Freshmen

 Vi Doan

Ms. Doan is at HHS on Mondays and Fridays in Room B-3.

 Ext. 61612

 Intern   Counselor   for   Sophomores

 Elida Mojica

Ms. Mojica is at HHS on Mondays, Fridays and every other Wednesday in Room B-3.

 Ext. 61612

 Intern   Counselor   for       Juniors

Kristel San Miguel

Ms. San Miguel is at HHS on Tuesday, Fridays and every 1st Wednesday of the month in Room B-3.

 Ext. 61612

 Intern   Counselor   for     Seniors

 Kelly Nogueiro

Ms. Nogueiro is at HHS on Mondays and Fridays in Room B-3.

 Ext. 61612

 Intern   Counselor   for all   grades   Marissa Falconer
 Ms. Falconer is at HHS on   Tuesdays and Fridays in Room B-   3.

Ext. 61612


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